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Hi. I’m Jeremy.

I created HappyFishCare.com with the aim of hopefully one day becoming one of the biggest, baddest, and most highly useful resources for everything and anything related to aquarium set up, care, and maintenance.

The site is a new project, started as recently as July 2020. For now, I am the sole author as I work to produce content and build a small library of content, but I will be bringing further expertise on board to contribute as the months go by and the site grows.

I’ve been keeping fish as a hobby since I got my first tropical aquarium kit way back in 1997, at the fresh young age of 15. Over the course of my life, I’ve had too many setups to count, but with a particular passion for freshwater fish, freshwater planted tanks and freshwater invertebrates.

I’m super interested in creating little slices of nature indoors, in fish, their natural behaviors, recreating their natural environments, and all that this entails.

I’m also a somewhat technical person, who also loves to write, and that’s why I decided to start this site. I wanted to combine my passions and make something I can eventually be proud of, as well as to create a community that I can be part of where we share our passions and discuss everything aquarium related.

I toyed with the idea of creating something based on my other passions of playing guitar and BBQ, but I’m actually not that good a musician, and my waistline wouldn’t survive too much more grilled meat. So a website dedicated to fish keeping won the day!

Anyway, enough about me…

Please Treat This Site as a Community Hub!

As you browse and read through the content here, please, please do think of any questions you may have and ask away in the comments. Or if you are a skilled fish keeper and have extra tips to add that I may not have covered, please take the time to add them in the comments.

We all share the same passion, can learn from and can teach each other, and I really do want this site to be a hub for a community, not me simply speaking into an echo chamber.

So please do get involved!

Anyhow, thank you for choosing us as your source for aquarium info. I truly hope you enjoy and benefit from what you find here. I hope to speak with some of you soon.

All the best,